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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2007|11:45 pm]
Camp Kesher
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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2006|03:11 pm]
Camp Kesher
[מוסיקה |the procussions]

Hey, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for Camp Kesher 2006, tell me or Danny Stoller about it.
The main thing we are working on is to let the older teens be full counselors.
Tell me if this sounds like a good idea!

-Becky Winnick

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the real part two: cross posted [Sep. 12th, 2005|12:12 am]
Camp Kesher

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kesher was amazing.
my camp name was brusslesprouts :)
i miss everyone.
i miss talking and snuggling with becca.
michael's hugs.
bonding with micah.
being a counselor with snaps and big bird.
playing big booty.
playing ga-ga.

next year...oh so much fun.
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my pics part 2: cross posted [Sep. 11th, 2005|10:12 pm]
Camp Kesher

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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2005|09:56 pm]
Camp Kesher

i had fun.

post any memorable expiriences that you had at kesher this year.
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whos excited for kesher? [Aug. 19th, 2005|12:08 am]
Camp Kesher

[מוסיקה |postal service-recycled air]

I am!

this community has been dead forever...

kesher is in less then two weeks!!! (i think)

what are you guys looking forward too/expecting? any goals for this summer?
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I WENT TO THE REUNION!!! [Mar. 7th, 2005|12:05 am]
Camp Kesher

[מרגישים |accomplished]
[מוסיקה |Ben Harper]

i did! and i had a blast!

it was awsome. it was kinda seperated older teens and younger teens.

um...Micah, Danny, Sam, Becky, me (Shira), Aaron, Rena, Sam, Jenny and others came.
we hung in the youth lounge and then afterwards the younger teens went to Rena's house and played twister and read magazines and took quizes and told jokes.
i dunno what the older teens did...
it was nice tho, low key.
everyone come next time.

xox Shira
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kesher reunion [Mar. 6th, 2005|10:26 am]
Camp Kesher

I didn't get to go last night. did any of you? was it fun? who went?
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Camp Kesher Reunion!! [Feb. 19th, 2005|02:15 pm]
Camp Kesher

Camp Kesher Reunion

you're invited!

From: Kesher Reunion Committee
Location: Temple Beth Am Social Hall 2632 NE 80th Street,Seattle,WA
When: Saturday, March 5, 5:30pm to 9:30pm

Come share a fun filled Camp Kesher Reunion.

We will be having a Havdalah service followed by a delicious pot-luck. If the Caspi's are able to join us, Inez has agreed to lead us in Israeli dancing.

If the first letter in your last name is:
A-F Salad or Appetizer
G-M Main Dish
O-S Dessert
T-Z Drinks

You may bring a bottle of wine to share with your table, if you choose.

If you want to help organize this event, please call Sue McAllister at 206 783-4109

if you are going to come go here and rsvp. tell your parents and others that go to kesher!


hope you all can go!
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icons [Feb. 14th, 2005|06:32 pm]
Camp Kesher

so i put together some icons. didn't really put much effort into it.

if any of you want to make icons feel free to and when you post them we can vote and decided which icons we like the best.

here are the three i have put on this community for now. (kudos to amy for the pictures)

peace love unity

p.s. happy valentine
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